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Root canal therapy

When a cavity in your tooth has become deep, it will often lead to damage to the core of the tooth. This can result in the formation of bacteria that in turn will lead to a bacterial infection in the tooth’s root canal.

It is this infection that will cause you to suffer from a toothache, which can be excessively painful. Because the body’s own defenses cannot access the bacteria, the tooth must be cleaned, and the root filled. Following a successful root canal treatment with a root filling, the tooth will function as a normal tooth again. There can be other reasons why a tooth needs to be root-filled, for example during heavy tooth pressing.

A root canal treatment will involve removing the infected dental pulp of your tooth, cleaning the tooth and placing a filling to prevent further infection. While teeth can seem to us strong and robust, they nonetheless possess layers that can weaken over time. In the absence of proper care, a tooth can sustain an amount of damage that will suffice to expose your tooth’s inner layer, known as the dental pulp. Infected dental pulp can cause varying levels of pain when eating, speaking or at any time of day or night.

When removing the infected dental pulp, we prevent the spread of the infection to other teeth and relieve the patient’s pain that can be excruciating in the process. This procedure also has for objective to protect the tooth from any further infection. Root canal procedures is often the robust and long-lasting solution needed to successfully treat your infected tooth.

Why do people need a root canal treatment?

When a tooth becomes infected, that infection will likely spread into the tooth’s centre, called the dental pulp which contains the nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. All of the tooth’s sensitive areas are located here. Consequently, when the area is infected, it will likely be very painful, and to relieve this pain that can be very serious, you will require an immediate treatment.

How does the treatment work?

A root canal endodontic procedure works by creating a small hole in the tooth allowing us to remove all of the infected areas. We then remove the dental pulp, and very often the tooth’s roots are also removed. Once fully matured, removing the roots will not directly harm the tooth. It is this part of the procedure that will likely prevent any further spread of infection. When removed, the tooth’s centre is thoroughly cleaned to ensure that all the infection is removed. Typically, the treatment includes the taking antibiotics as a precaution to definitively eradicate the infection.

To complete the root canal procedure, the hole and area where the dental pulp once was is sealed with a rubber-like substance that helps stabilize the tooth. A filling or crown might be used to further strengthen and protect the damaged tooth should we deem this necessary. Tandestetik Stockholm can create fillings and crowns with a tooth-colour matching your own.


Root canal therapy procedure summary

  • The decay is removed, and an opening is made through the crown of the tooth into the pulp chamber.
  • The pulp tissue contained in the root of your tooth is removed, and the root canals are thoroughly cleaned, shaped and disinfected.
  • The root canals and pulp chamber are filled. If there is not enough tooth to hold the restoration, a metal rod or post may be placed in the root canal to help retain the core’s filling material, which supports the restoration.
  • The crown of the tooth is then restored. If bone is lost due to infection at the tip of the root, this will usually heal over a period of several months once the root canal is cleaned and sealed. 
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