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Almost Invisible Braces


Tandestetik Stockholm is proud to provide the Invisalign® teeth straightening solution that helps you on your journey to achieve straighter teeth. If you are suffering from crooked, overcrowded, or unevenly shaped teeth, or even gaps in between your teeth, Invisalign has been proven to correct such irregularities by straightening your teeth and giving you the confident look and smile you want.

Whether you reside in Stockholm or anywhere else in Sweden, Tandestetik Stockholm is the best place to achieve a straighter smile with near invisible braces. Through hundreds of interventions, we have a gained a solid reputation for being one of the top Invisalign providers in Stockholm.

Call us to receive your FREE consultation and advice should you need and require braces. We will be glad to provide you with our expert recommendations. 

What is Invisalign

Invisalign is a leading orthodontic treatment for straightening your teeth and improving your smile. In the past, brackets and wires were the only options available to a person to correct misaligned teeth, but now, Invisalign can move teeth into their desired position by using a series of removable aligners. These invisible braces are genuinely near invisible and fully transparent.

The Invisalign braces are almost invisible for anyone using this solution to straighten their teeth. Originally conceived in 1997, Invisalign has been developed over the past quarter of a century to offer a real alternative to unsightly metal braces that will most likely make you feel self-conscious during your treatment. One of Invisalign’s greatest advantages is that unlike other traditional metal braces, Invisalign retainer is removable. You can take it out while eating, flossing, or brushing your teeth. 

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a series of clear (transparent) aligners that are placed over and around the teeth, with each one tailored specifically to our patients’ very own specifications in order to provide a unique, customized solution. Each aligner needs to be worn for 7 to 14 days before moving on to the next aligner in the series. We’ll be discussing this with you as the treatment progresses.

The process is precisely and carefully planned with the objective of shifting your teeth gradually until they reach their final position. Throughout the process, we monitor your progress to ensure that each tooth is moving as required and in the right direction.

In order to achieve a successful outcome, you’ll required to wear the Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day thus ensuring best results. You can remove them while eating, drinking brushing and flossing. This means you can enjoy eating all your favorite foods during the duration of the treatment and most importantly, maintain good oral hygiene. 

Advantages of wearing Invisalign braces

Invisalign is radically different from traditional braces and stands as a good and proven alternative way to get your teeth straightened, while going a long way in boosting confidence levels and providing you with a great aesthetic smile.

The treatment’s benefits over traditional braces for teeth straightening include:

Gross debridement

  • Almost invisible: Invisalign aligners are clear and remain almost invisible inside your mouth. It is hardly possible for others to know you are wearing clear aligners.
  • Comfortable to wear: Invisalign trays are designed from smooth and flexible plastic. As opposed to traditional wires and metal brackets, Invisalign trays provide greater comfort for your cheeks, lips and gums.
  • Invisalign delivers rapid results: When compared to conventional teeth-straightening methods, Invisalign has proven it can deliver rapid results. Traditional braces require on average 6 to 12 months to achieve the desired results. For less complicated teeth straightening cases, Invisalign will provide the desired results in a few weeks. However, in rare cases related to the patient’s unique dental situation, the treatment can take up to 18 months.
  • Easily removable: One of the major benefits of wearing Invisalign braces is that straightening your teeth can easily blend in with your lifestyle. You can remove the aligners to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks throughout the entire duration of the treatment.

How much Time will the Treatment Take

  • The total Invisalign treatment time is between 12 to 18 months on average, but can vary from one person to the other. During the initial consultation, we will suggest the right kind of aligners for you and then estimate and indeed, recommend the necessary time required for the entire procedure to achieve the desired outcome.

    If you are looking for a customized treatment plan, please contact our dentists for a FREE expert consultation. 
Contact us today at Tandestetik Stockholm to book your appointment with one of our expert dentists. We are here for you and our mission is to help our patients enjoy the best dental and overall health possible, as well as give you the smile that will boost your self-confidence and well-being.


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