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At Tandestetik Stockholm, we remain committed to proactively promoting oral health through active prevention. A regular dental checkup routine allows us to detect and avert any potential problems early on. This is all for the benefit of our patients, since through regular checkups we can help them avoid more significant health problems, discomfort, pain, and finally save them money that they could potentially be paying for expensive treatments.

Tandestetik Stockholm offers its patients caring and highly professional dental cleaning services, with the specific objectives of detecting and preventing tooth infections, as well as helping you maintain healthy teeth to keep all your natural teeth for a long time, hopefully forever.

A common observation at our clinic is that no matter the age of our first-time patients, many of them usually show signs of neglect. Sadly, people tend to ignore the subject of oral health or their teeth.

However, regular dental checkups are one of the most important aspects of oral health maintenance. Tandestetik Stockholm’s recommended optimum checkup schedule is once every year. What we do during the checkup, in addition to cleaning your teeth and gums, is to detect any potential oral health issues. We regularly help our patients through early detection, which allows us to undertake a timely treatment.

Routine exams and cleanings will reveal any cavities, gingivitis, chipped or damaged teeth, tooth loss or other signs of disease or problems that need to be addressed. As such, we regularly encourage all our patients to develop good oral hygiene, and the first step for you starts with scheduling your check-up with us at Tandestetik Stockholm.

Why is a dental check-up so important?

Numerous studies have proven the direct connection between regular visits to your dentist and keeping your natural teeth for as long as possible. It’s quite simple: ensuring that you have a full mouth of healthy teeth requires a twice-yearly visit to the dentist. At Tandestetik Stockholm, we contribute daily to our patients’ wellbeing by helping them keep their teeth healthy, save money, and above all, giving them the confidence that only a great smile gives one.

Our patients often come to us late and only schedule an appointment when they experience a toothache or infection. They have busy schedules and feel they don’t have time for the dentist, or even sometimes are scared of the dentist. Sadly, the result is quite counter-productive for them, since in addition to the pain and discomfort, a treatment will always take longer than a check-up, be far more disruptive and certainly cost more.

Another negative impact of avoiding regular check-ups is that neglecting your teeth and oral health can result in a more serious health condition. Preventative dental care lowers the risk for tooth decay, infection, and gum disease. Call us to book your next dental check-up at Tandestetik Stockholm.

We provide tailored and varied checkup services to meet the unique requirements of each patient, but you can expect the following during your first dental checkup at Tandestetik Stockholm:

Contact us today at Tandestetik Stockholm to book your appointment with one of our expert dentists. We are here for you and our mission is to help our patients enjoy the best dental and overall health possible, as well as give you the smile that will boost your self-confidence and well-being.


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